Mineral Potential Mapping

Kenex’s mineral potential mapping services give our clients a competitive advantage in project generation, tenement acquisition and review, or making a new discovery by helping them target the areas with the best geological potential for hosting the mineral system of interest.

We have undertaken hundreds of mineral potential mapping projects for exploration companies and government agencies, helping them delineate highly prospective ground in mineralised terranes around the world.

Using our extensive data compilations combined with expertise in mineral systems and spatial data modelling, our models synthesise vast amounts of geoscientific data to help assess the mineral potential of an area of interest and provide exploration targets based on geological potential.

While Kenex recommends the use of data-driven modelling methodologies to minimise bias, we review each individual project prior to starting the spatial data analysis to ensure that the specific methodology applied is fit-for-purpose. Our mineral potential mapping workflows can include the use of machine learning and other statistical methods for targeting the mineral system of interest.

Mineral Potential Mapping Story Map


Our Mineral Potential Mapping sub-services include:

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