Land Suitability Analysis

Kenex GIS techniques can be applied to both the location of ideal sites and the assessment of land use to provide insights into land suitability and ensure the best outcomes for land management.

Spatial analysis and GIS data management systems can be applied to any land-based application or industry. Whether you want to map the ideal locations for wind turbines or blueberry farming over an area of interest, or you want to assess the best use for a particular piece of land, it is important to use the most up-to-date knowledge and data to ensure responsible, sustainable, and economically viable land development.

Kenex can help with this process. Using our expertise in GIS and spatial data modelling, we can combine all key spatial land parameters to provide data backed results and ensure the best outcomes for both selecting areas for development or protection, and for management of existing land holdings.

We can incorporate the land suitability analysis results with other spatial and economic data in a data management system tailored to the client’s needs, so that the best solutions stand out and the decision-making process becomes more straightforward and efficient.


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