Downhole Wireline Logging

The logging of drillholes using wireline technology is a low-cost way to add valuable data to exploration drilling.

A method used in the oil & gas and coal industry for many years, downhole wireline logging is increasingly common in mineral exploration, as it complements diamond drilling and can significantly increase the rock property data captured during reverse circulation (RC) drilling programs. Its minimal additional cost to a drilling program is outweighed by the amount of new data it can provide.

Downhole logging uses geophysical tools and downhole imagery via an optical televiewer (OTV) which can provide data on rock properties, lithological information, and structural orientation.

Kenex interprets data collected via these tools to log structures, lithologies, and to identify patterns in physical property data. This important data can be used to build detailed 3D structural and geological models of a deposit and improve density inputs for Mineral Resource estimates.


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