Data Collection & Management

At Kenex we believe that the backbone of any exploration project is a well set up database of current and historical exploration data.

With continued advancements in data collection techniques, explorers are increasingly faced with overwhelming amounts of exploration data to manage and understand. Bringing together data from different sources, eras and styles can be difficult and time-consuming and can lead to inefficiencies and delays in executing exploration plans.

Kenex works with clients to harvest all available and appropriate existing data, including historical data, and then reviews and reconstructs it to create value-added, custom compilations in useable formats, such as GIS and fully validated geochemical databases.

We can also add value to your data by undertaking analyses including interpreting geological features from geophysical data and analysis of geochemical data to detect and map anomalous targets.

Our expert knowledge combined with our ability to integrate, update, analyse and model data provides our clients with solutions that would otherwise be difficult to visualise.

Our services include:
  • Compiling all existing project data into an easy-to-use Exploration GIS Atlas
  • Digital extraction of data from historic company and government reports, or research papers
  • Design and creation of custom geodatabases
  • Implementation of full GIS infrastructure
  • Geophysical interpretations
  • Geochemical data analysis
  • AWS-certified support for cloud-based data storage.

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