Our services enhance our clients’ decision-making abilities and can help them save time and money by getting the most out of their spatial data. We can provide services and advice across all stages of the exploration value chain from project generation on a province to country scale, to drill targeting at the prospect scale.

Our services are based around three fundamental data-focussed processes: comprehensive compilation and analysis of available data; improving geological mapping and understanding; and targeting using a mineral systems approach combined with advanced spatial data analytics, including machine learning.

Our mapping and targeting techniques in 2D and 3D are proven to be effective at reducing exploration search space and aim to help companies get the most value out of their existing data before spending money on the ground. This allows both management and exploration teams to make informed decisions based on all data and knowledge available. Our mapping systems ensure that as new data and knowledge is collected it can be integrated effectively into the exploration workflows and used in real time for exploration planning.

We also apply our experience in spatial data management and innovative GIS technologies to other land-based industries. Find out more by following the link to our Land Management Services page below.

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