NZ Land Management for Iwi

GIS Infrastructure and Land Management for Maori iwi

Kenex has partnered with Moka Apiti, director of Digital Navigators Ltd, to provide services to Maori iwi focused on creating a complete GIS infrastructure and improving land management using spatial and economic analysis tools.

The focus is creation of a series of geodatabases using freely available data, aerial imagery, and proprietary data held by Kenex and the iwi. A complete GIS that contains, manages, and enhances all of the spatial and non-spatial information related to the rohe of the iwi has been created. The data is then used to create effective land planning and management solutions that give iwi knowledge for their decision-making processes. The system aims to support the iwi in reaching a comprehensive understanding of the social, political, economic, and environmental aspects of their land and rohe.

As part of the process, Kenex perform a series of GIS analyses and statistically derived models involving land use, land cover, climate, terrain, and property analysis. The aim of these analyses is to identify areas of the rohe or Maori owned land parcels within the rohe that are best suited for a given land use. One completed example is a case study that aimed to identify suitable terrain conditions for blueberry farming. Terrain and land use parameters, such as aspect, slope, land coverage, and land use capability, were combined with climatic parameters pertaining to blueberry growing conditions obtained through expert knowledge. An economic simulation was also run, and the models combined to provide an estimate for the economic potential for blueberry farming in the area.

The end goal is to enable the client to to host, develop, use, and maintain their entire GIS structure in-house. Kenex create the infrastructure and perform the initial requested GIS analysis and statistical models to get the system up and running, and also provide ongoing assistance with training, GIS modelling, and technical support. Kenex and Digital Navigators are currently working on a project with a major North Island Maori iwi that follows this approach.

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