Covid 19 Emergency response

During the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, Kenex and Digital Navigators were approached by several iwi in the North Island seeking help with organising their response to their community’s needs and problems. 

The iwi leaders needed a way to contact all families in the iwi and receive daily updates on their needs so they could target and organise deliveries of food parcels, essential goods and medicines, and provide assistance with isolation problems, including counselling, phone calls, and internet connection. 

Kenex and Digital Navigators created several applications, one (or more) for each iwi. The principal applications involved one or more online survey to send to families and a central dashboard with interactive maps and graphs for the operators to quickly assess the needs and organise the response efficiently. Some of the applications were then developed further by determining best routes for pick-up and delivery, live delivery confirmations, and interactive apps for uploading families’ status by service desk operators. 

The project become more extensive when Kenex and Digital Navigators were asked to help with monitoring the uptake of vaccinations in several regions of the country.  

This involved gathering daily data updates from the Ministry of Health and uploading them to several dashboards for each region involved in the project. The dashboards displayed useful information such as adults and kids’ vaccination rates divided by gender and age bands, the region map divided by Statistics NZ mesh blocks to show areas with lower vaccination rates, and a time series showing  day by day progress.  

The daily updates were undertaken from November 2021 to June 2022. It was a dedicated effort for Kenex, but we are proud to have been able to put our skills to work for a good cause in such challenging times.  

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