British Columbia Geological Survey Mineral Potential Mapping

Kenex has been working with the British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS) since late 2020 to help them implement commodity based mineral potential mapping across the province. Their aim is to apply a mineral systems approach to map the potential for critical minerals over the province. The results will be used to make data-backed land use decisions as well as the provision of pre-competitive geoscience data for explorers with the aim of promoting exploration for critical minerals.  

Kenex are helping the survey to implement workflows similar to those that we developed with the Geological Survey of New South Wales on their successful 4-year state-wide mineral potential mapping project. We have been involved in training survey staff to become proficient at mineral potential mapping and are also undertaking technical work alongside the survey geologists. We presented our initial results at Roundup, Vancouver in 2023 and co-authored two articles discussing the results.  

So far, we have modelled the potential for porphyry, VMS, mafic-ultramafic sulphide, SEDEX, and MVT mineralisation over northern British Columbia. Our current work is extending this modelling to the border with the USA.  

The work we have done with the survey has been well received and put into use by the land planning department.  

“I highly recommend Kenex for their outstanding mineral potential modelling services. Their team expertly applied modern techniques, maintained clear communication, and delivered actionable models that have been directly applied to land-use exercises. The models are transparent, easy to interpret, and user-friendly. Kenex has been an invaluable partner in our mineral potential modelling projects.” 

Dr Evan Orovan (Senior Economic Geology Specialist, BCGS)

Porphyry mineral potential map over northwest British Columbia 

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