Land Management Systems

Kenex extensive experience in GIS solutions and data management can be applied to any land-based project to provide insights into land suitability, aid decision-making, and ensure the most sustainable, and economically viable land development is prioritised.

Kenex 20-year experience in innovative GIS technologies and spatial data management can and has been successfully translated from the mineral exploration sector to several other land-based industries.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients, utilise their expertise, and provide a solution tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves for our ability to find and develop the best possible spatial solutions for each of our clients, matching their requirements, capabilities, and budget to the most suitable product.

During the past 15 years, Kenex has partnered with sector specialists to deliver custom solutions for several applications, including wind farm development, forestry land management, habitat modelling, agriculture analysis and land development. Most recently, we have expanded our portfolio of land-based products by creating custom online platforms. These have been used for in-depth sharable land data management and for real-time spatial responses to emergencies or recovery and assistance programs.

If you want to discuss possible spatial solutions for your land-based project, contact our Business Development Manager Andrew Wilkins and let’s chat about it.

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