Kenex co-founder Greg Partington and other members of the Kenex team have kept up an incredible track record of publishing papers in conference proceedings and scientific journals since Kenex was founded. You can read them here.

Partington, G. A., 2008 : Australian Earth Sciences Convention, Perth, Western Australia, July 20 - July 24, 2008. p. 195.

Prospectivity analysis in action: The Auzex Resources Ltd. (AZX) story as applied to granite related mineral systems in Eastern Australia and New Zealand

Partington, G. A., Mustard, R., Little, G., and Bowden, C., 2007 : Paper presented at the Mines & Wines 2007 conference.

Prospectivity of the Glen Innes region, new techniques, new mineral systems and new ideas

Cox, Simon C. & Rattenbury, Mark S., 2006 : Presented at SIRC 2006 - The 18th Annual Colloquium of the Spatial Information Research Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The QMAP dataset and an example of its application in modelling gold prospectivity in New Zealand

Partington G. A., Christie, A. B., and Rattenbury, M. S., 2006 : AusIMM Monograph 25. p 21-28.

GIS Modelling of Gold Prospectivity in New Zealand – Geology and Exploration of New Zealand Mineral Deposits

G. A. Partington, and M. J. Sale, 2004 : Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Pacrim 2004 Congress Volume, pp 239-250 (Adelaide).

Prospectivity Mapping Using GIS With Publicly Available Earth Science Data — A New Targeting Tool Being Successfully Used for Exploration in New Zealand

Mustard R., Blenkinsop, T., McKeagney, C., Huddleston-Holmes, C. and Partington, G. : SEG 2004: Predictive Mineral Discovery Under Cover Conference Volume, pp 281-284 (Perth, WA).

New Perspectives on IOCG deposits, Mt Isa Eastern Succession, northwest Queensland

G. A. Partington, 2004 : SEG 2004: Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Conference Volume, pp 191-201 (37 Annual Conference, Nelson).

New Exploration in NZ Stimulated by the Crown Minerals Prospectivity Modeling Studies for Gold

Partington, G. A., 2004: PDAC2005

New Exploration Concepts Applied to Neglected and Emerging Exploration Destinations – Project Development Using Computer Modelling in Australia, New Zealand and Africa

Partington, G.A., 2004

Predictive Spatial Mapping From Gold To Grapes – A New Targeting Tool Being Successfully Used To Increase Investment In New Zealand

Rattenbury, M and Partington, G A, 2003 : in Epithermal Gold in New Zealand GIS Data Package and Prospectivity Modeling, 68 p (Crown Minerals, Ministry of Commerce New Zealand).

Prospectivity models and GIS data for the exploration of epithermal gold mineralisation in New Zealand

Partington, G.A, Christie, A.B., and Rattenbury, M.S.

Gold Prospectivity in New Zealand

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