Environmental Modelling Projects


Kenex's GIS modelling techniques have been successfully applied to a vast range of industry sectors and our predictive modelling has proved to be an important tool for developing and managing various environmental projects. Our portfolio includes wind farm development, land management, geothermal energy analysis, habitat modelling, agriculture and conservation planning.


All Projects

Wind Energy
  • Wind Farm Prospecting: an introduction to the wind farm prospecting tools developed by Kenex using spatial data modelling that can help to locate ideal wind farm sites.
  • NZ Wind Energy: our wind energy projects in New Zealand.
  • Australia Wind Energy: our wind energy projects in Australia, facing new challeges.
  • Argentina Wind Energy: our range of models and projects in Argentina with EEDSA partnership.
Habitat modelling
Other Projects
  • NZ Wine Modelling: two predictive models generated to identify areas that are ideal for growing good wine producing grapes using existing vineyards as a guide.
  • NT Geothermal Energy: geothermal modelling has been completed at a state wide scale in the Northern Territory of Australia allowing us to target regions for more detailed modelling and ground based research.
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