Kenex Staff is expanding

Kenex is excited to announce that they have now filled two new positions and are currently in the process off employing another GIS analyst.

Geologist Emory Beck who has been working part time is now on board full time assisting with database management, GIS services including mapping, data collection/compilation and spatial analysis.

Andrew Wilkins has taken over the role of Business Development Manager working closely with our Operations Manager and Company Directors to promote and expand our services within the global minerals community and other industries. He will also continue monitoring and managing tenements held by Kenex and jointly with our Alliance Partners in Australia and South America.

Kenex Staff announcement

We are pleased to announce that Katie Peters has moved into a newly created role at Kenex, as New Zealand Operations Manager. Katie has been a key part of Kenex's success during the past 10 years, most recently as Senior Geologist on our largest projects. We are delighted that Katie has agreed to take on this demanding role and look forward to the focus on day to day operations that she will bring.

While we are also sad to announce that we are losing Campbell McKenzie as our Chief Executive Officer, we are pleased that he will be taking up a position as a Kenex Director in a non-executive capacity. Campbell will continue to provide support to Kenex, in particular he will continue his work on the development arm of our business as we seek to realise value out of several copper and gold exploration projects Kenex has been instrumental in acquiring.

Kenex to collaborate with the NSW Department of Industry to undertake mineral potential studies.

Kenex is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the New South Wales Department of Industry to undertake mineral potential studies within the Southern New England Orogen in the north-eastern part of the state. Working closely with the Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW), and in particular the Geoscience Acquisition & Synthesis unit, the collective project team will produce a comprehensive accounting of the mineral resource potential for granite related (tin, tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum, gold and silver) and orogenic gold-antimony mineral systems. The aim for the project is to produce predictive mineral potential models for each of these mineral systems that provide output for:

  • Land planning and advice purposes;
  • Technical resources for improved mineral system studies, including global endowment estimations; and
  • Promotion of the South New England Orogen through the generation of targets and prospective tracts to reduce exploration risk and encourage the uptake of exploration titles and increase exploration expenditure, particularly in regards to drilling.

We are looking forward to working with the mineral system experts and data managers at the GSNSW where our complementary expertise in predictive modelling will deliver on project outcomes and support the GSNSW’s well developed strategy of providing highest quality pre-competitive geoscience information and research, as well as attracting new investment in the states mining and exploration industry.


Kenex has developed substantial experience over 15 years in exploration data management and predictive modelling for minerals in a number of countries around the globe and for a number of different mineral systems. We have worked on behalf of exploration and mining companies and government clients at regional and local scale. We have recently developed capability in 3D predictive modelling which we are currently applying to a number of projects internationally for drill hole targeting and further geologically constraining resource estimation work. It is this expertise and experience that we consider has led to the GSNSW seeking out Kenex to support that agency delivering on its objectives.


About the Geological Survey of NSW

The Geological Survey of New South Wales sits within the NSW Department of Industry and is one of the oldest agencies in NSW Government, being continuously active since 1875. It has played a key-role in the development of NSW’s mineral wealth. Their aim is to build the foundation for resource discovery by providing high quality pre-competitive geoscience information and research, as well as attracting new investment in the state’s mining and exploration industry. They collect and manage geological, geophysical and geospatial data to inform and advise Government, exploration and mining industries and the community about the state’s mineral, coal and petroleum resources. NSW Department of Industry is the lead economic development agency in New South Wales, responsible for driving sustainable economic growth across NSW. They work with local, national and international customers and achieve results by collaborating with and supporting businesses, industries and communities.


PDAC national infrastructure study completed by Kenex and Minex Consulting

Over the past 18 months Kenex Ltd has been working with respected Australian mineral economist Richard Schodde (MinEx Consulting Pty Ltd) on a project for the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). The PDAC commissioned a study to assess the impact of remoteness on the mining industry, and to identify those districts in Canada where strategic investments in enhanced infrastructure could stimulate the development of new mines.

Through the combining of detailed economic analysis (MinEX) with Kenex’s specialised spatial modelling approach to statistically map a number of relevant parameters (climate, geography, distance to/from markets, lack of existing infrastructure, commodity type and mine scale) the economic impact of remoteness in terms of the required increase in ore grade needed to achieve the same economic return as a similarly-sized project in an area of perfect infrastructure could be understood. The results of this work were presented to government officials in Ottawa on 17 October 2016 and received very positive feedback. The outputs are expected to be used by officials to assist in their decision making regarding future infrastructure investment and therefore enhanced regional economic development opportunities in remote areas of Canada. This is just one of a several infrastructure focussed spatial analysis projects Kenex has been involved in lately. Others have included wind prospectivity analysis in relation to the transmission network in Australia and industrial mineral prospectivity in relation to rail and port infrastructure in the Middle East.

Read the full report and the media release from the PDAC website.


Kenex and Emmerson Resources new permits granted in New South Wales

Tthe first of four applications that Kenex have made in conjunction with Alliance partner Emmerson Resources Limited in the Lachlan Fold Belt (NSW, Australia) have been granted by the NSW Department of Industry.

One of the challenges of exploring in NSW is the presence of younger cover sequences obscuring the prospective host rocks and, rendering traditional targeting for the next big mineral discovery obsolete. Emmerson entered into a strategic alliance with Kenex Limited (ASX: August 2015) with the specific objective of developing tools to predict new high quality gold and copper deposits beneath such cover and within the highly prospective geological belts of NSW and QLD.

Kenex is at the forefront of developing 2D and 3D predictive models from multiple datasets that aim to statistically improve the probability of discovery. In a “blind test” of this approach, the porphyry copper-gold models for NSW identified 56moz of gold from the total known gold endowment (includes production) of 59mozs. Similarly the epithermal gold model identified 6mozs from a total known endowment of 7mozs of gold.

The first four of the strategic alliance top ten targets occur near Wellington, Parkes, Temora and Fifield collectively constituting some 768kmē in area. These targets are highly prospective for both epithermal gold-silver and porphyry copper-gold – and share many of the attributes that are present in the known, larger gold and copper-gold deposits within the Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW (e.g. Cadia, Ridgeway, Cowal).

Data compilation has now been completed on the Wellington and Temora targets where historical exploration has confirmed their prospectivity. The next step of exploration is underway and will include collecting high resolution aeromagnetics to better pinpoint specific areas for ground based exploration.

Emmerson Managing Director, Mr Rob Bills, commented “the first batch of targets from the strategic alliance with Kenex are underpinned by a very rigorous process of identifying the key elements that pinpoint world class mineralisation in the Lachlan Fold Belt. Kenex are experts in this field, having produced similar products in over 20 countries/regions around the world including in Oman (for VMS mineralisation), New Zealand (epithermal gold), the Tampia gold deposit in Western Australia and more locally, at our Tennant Creek Project in the Northern Territory. Thus we are confident that this innovative approach and investment in area selection will produce high quality projects and eventually mines. Further targets, both on open and held ground are currently being assessed. We have commenced the first phase of exploration over the granted targets and already received interest from a number of larger companies that see the potential of this innovative approach.

Read the full ASX release by Emmerson Resources.


Emmerson Resources presents at the Australia Investors Association National Investors Conference

Emmerson Resources Limited Managing Director Rob Bills recently presented at the Australian Investors Association Conference on the Gold Coast. Among the several strands of work underway, Rob referred to targeting new opportunities using "big data" in alliance with Kenex. This work has seen the alliance apply for 4 project areas in NSW. A key theme running through Robs presentation was that of prediction and detection. Essentially the use of predictive spatial analysis to determine the areas of greatest geological potential which are then investigated in the field by appropriate detection technologies. For Emmerson, new technology and ideas continue to drive exploration in both their Tennant Creek project and in identifying new gold-copper opportunities. Read the full presentation.

Emmerson Resources announce results at Edna Beryl

Kenex client Emmerson Resources (ASX:ERM) has announced new results from recent drilling of the Edna Beryl prospect in the Tennant Creek Mineral Field, Northern Territory, Australia. The full ASX announcement can be found on their website. These new results at Edna Beryl confirm the high grade nature of the mineralisation and the potential for expansion beyond the sparse, existing drilling, particularly in ore Panel 3 and below. Kenex has worked with Emmerson in the Tennant Creek project area over the last 2 years and has formed a strategic alliance to identify exploration opportunities in other areas of Australia. Kenex is currently working with Emmerson on the Edna Beryl project to interpret data gathered from an optical bore hole imaging tool which also integrates with other tools, such as calliper, resistivity, natural gamma, conductivity, density and magnetic susceptibility probes. The data is being used to develop more robust geological models which will aid ongoing exploration plans as well as informing resource estimates for the project. Read the ASX announcment here


Explaurum see growth at Tampia

Kenex's client Explaurum Limited has seen significant recent growth in the exploration target area at their Tampia gold project in Western Australia. The following Mining News article provides an update on the project progress. Kenex continues to provide support to the project through exploration data management, field support for the drilling programmes and development of robust geological modelling to support mineral resource estimates. Read the article here


Emmerson identifies targets

The alliance between exploration company Emmerson Resources and Kenex has seen copper-gold projects applied-for in the Lachlan Fold belt of New South Wales, with two other regions also on the radar. Read the Emmerson full press release


Hot Maden drilling results

Mariana Resources has released updated drilling results from their Hot Maden project in Turkey which display a number of excellent intersections of the mineralisation. More details about the results can be found here. Kenex completed 3D models of the mineralisation during 2015 and continues to assist Mariana with data management across a number of their projects.


News about the Tampia project

Kenex client Explaurum Limited has reported shallow, high-grade gold mineralisation at its Tampia project in Western Australia.Assays from 14 reverse circulation holes at Tampia returned 4m at 11.69gpt gold from 1m; 4m at 5.78gpt gold from 9m; 12m at 3.22gpt gold from 23m; 11m at 3.11gpt gold from 8m; and 8m at 9.47gpt gold from 14m. The company believes the results will add to the 310,000 ounce resource at the project. Kenex has been supporting the exploration efforts at the Tampia Hill project through provision of exploration data management and 3D geological modelling services.

Evolution expands Northland gold play

Kenex client Evolution Mining is expanding its portfolio of projects in Northland, New Zealand. In the past Kenex has conducted extensive GIS data collection and prospectivity assessment of the Northland region for epithermal gold-silver mineralisation highlighting the Te Mata prospect as an attractive exploration target based on its geological potential. Kenex has completed several prospectivity studies in New Zealand, including work historically for Aurora Minerals’ in Northland. More information can be found in the Inside Resources article by Matt Freeman. Read it >

Article on Resource Global Networkh

New Zealand based explorer and Kenex client Chatham Rock Phosphate featured in the October issue of the widely circulated Resource Global Network publication. The article explains the Chatham Rise deposit and Chatham Rock Phosphates recent work and future planning. Read it >

The Cloncurry East project

The Cloncurry East project (EPM 25784) located in the Mt Isa district (Queensland) was identified from mineral prospectivity modelling for IOCG style mineralisation and subsequent target analysis. The project area hosts several geological features of the IOCG mineral system model for the district. Small IOCG occurrences have been described in the project area and a moderate level of exploration has been conducted, including drilling. However anomalies that have been identified in the magnetic data and surface geochemical data appear not to have been adequately tested at depth. The addition of this project will be complementary to the preliminary evaluation work that Kenex has underway at our other Cloncurry tenement (EP19253).

UMC 2015 Conference

Kenex CEO Campbell McKenzie will be attending the Underwater Mining Institute Conference in St Petersburg, Florida from the 1st -6th of November. This year's theme is "Nearshore Underwater Mining: Critical Commodities for the Future."

 Kenex continue to be active in the marine minerals sector through provision of support and services to Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited and the Cook Islands Seabed Minerals Authority – who will both be represented at the conference.


Kenex new publications

Kenex papers and posters presented at the 2015 AusIMM NZ Branch conference are now available online. Alex, Charlene and Simon presented talks on prospectivity modelling over data-poor areas in Ghana, infrastructure deficit analysis in Canada and resource development on the Chatham Rise.

Connie presented a poster on polymetallic nodule prospectivity modelling and Alex presented a poster on quantifying exploration effectiveness in NSW.

The paper and posters can be found in the publication page >


Strategic Alliance with Emmerson Resources

Kenex is pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic alliance with ASX listed explorer Emmerson Resources to identify gold and copper exploration targets in other prospective regions of Australia beyond Emmerson’s Tennant Creek project. Kenex can earn up to a 10% interest in any tenements acquired as part of the alliance upon achieving certain predetermined milestones, with exploration costs shared proportionally. The full ASX announcement by Emmerson can be found here >


Cook Island MineraCook Island Minerals Tender 2015

The Cook Islands Government officially opened its tender for manganese nodule exploration acreage within the waters of the Cook Islands EEZ on 10 August 2015. The closing date for applications is 15 December 2015. Kenex is pleased to have been able to work alongside officials and provide support services and advice to the Seabed Minerals Authority in the lead up to the tender opening. ore information about the tender, visit the Seabed Minerals Authority website >


3D Geological Model for Mariana Resources

Kenex is pleased to see the ongoing exploration success of our client Mariana Resources in regards to their Hot Maden project in Turkey. Kenex continues to support Mariana through the provision of 3D geological mapping and data management services. Read the latest press release from Mariana Resources.


The following video shows the Cu-Au-Zn mineralisation body in relation to the drilling and local structures.



Renewables growing in South Africa

In the last few years South Africa has been creating one of the world's most advanced alternative energy plans, as reported in this article of The Guardian.

Wind energy, along with solar and biomass systems, is slowly but steadily feeding an increasing amount of clean energy into the coal-dependent electrical grid of South Africa. The Cookhouse wind farm featured in the article is currently the biggest wind farm in South Africa and has been recently built with the help of Aurecon who we have partnered with previously to develop spatial modelling tools for wind farm prospecting in New Zealand and Australia.

Read more about Kenex Wind Prospecting >

Ariana gets forestry permit approval in Turkey

Kenex congratulates Ariana Resources for the approval of a forestry permit for their Red Rabbit gold project in Turkey. The permit approval will allow Ariana to start the mining construction phase at Red Rabbit, bringing the company a step closer to become a gold producer. Kenex is looking forward to hear other positive news about Ariana’s Kiziltepe mine at Red Rabbit in the next few months.

Kenex has in recent times worked with Ariana in assessing mineral prospectivity in selected areas of Turkey. 

Read the full article here.


GIS in Agriculture - Scheid Vineyard

Can GIS help the Agricultural industry? Yes, take a look at this article about the Scheid Vineyard, a family-owned winery who are committed to sustainability. GIS was first implemented on the vineyard in 1998 for basic analysis, but now forms the backbone of this precision farming operation.

The GIS is used for data management, harvest analysis, selection of prospective planting sites, in-field data collection, and determining irrigation requirements which they use to make informed decisions in a timely efficient manner.

Similarly Kenex has used GIS to do spatial analysis for the agricultural sector. An example of this is where Kenex used advanced spatial analysis to model areas in New Zealand which are suitable for vineyards using a number of features including climatic factors and soil properties important for grape growth. These features were tested, weighted and incorporated into the final model.

Corporations can save time and money by using GIS for site suitability, land management or simple day to day GIS queries.

Read more about Kenex Wine Modelling >


EWEA Resource Assessment 2015

The European Wind Energy Association will organize the third edition of its technology workshops on wind resource assessment in Helsinki, Finland (2-3 June 2015). More than thirty papers will be presented and will covered several topics, such as Mesoscale modelling and Site suitability. Kenex has been working for more than 5 years in this field, specializing in site suitability and developing our own wind prospecting system in order to find the best site for wind farm developing in New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. Read more about Kenex Wind Prospecting >



Explaurum acquires Tampia project

Kenex is pleased to note the proposed joining of forces between Explaurum Limited and Auzex Exploration Limited which will seek to accelerate the exploration of the Tampia gold deposit in Western Australia. The project hosts a resource that stands at 4.7 million tonnes at 2 grams per tonne cut, or 2.5gpt uncut, containing 310,000-380,000 ounces of gold. It includes 1.6Mt at 3.4gpt cut or 4.6gpt uncut containing 170,000-237,000oz gold and has significant exploration upside. Kenex has been intimately involved with the Tampia project since its acquisition by Auzex providing data management, exploration management, 3D geological mapping and resource estimation services. The following announcement was released on Mining News (for registered members):


Explaurum acquires Tampia project

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Andrew Duffy

GOLD stalwarts Mark Calderwood and John Lawton are set to join forces on the Tampia gold project in Western Australia following Explaurum's scrip takeover of Auzex Exploration.


Alongside the takeover Explaurum also announced plans to raise $1.3 million via a private placement to accelerate exploration at the project, which is 80% owned by Auzex and located 300km east of Perth.


Tampia hosts a resource that stands at 4.7 million tonnes at 2 grams per tonne cut, or 2.5gpt uncut, containing 310,000-380,000 ounces of gold. It includes 1.6Mt at 3.4gpt cut or 4.6gpt uncut containing 170,000-237,000oz gold.

Explaurum technical director Mark Calderwood, who previously served as CEO of Perseus Mining, said the acquisition came after a review of a number of projects.

"Auzex proved to be a standout due to the calibre of the gold mineralisation at Tampia and the exploration upside," he said.

"Tampia is probably one of the last high-grade discoveries from the 1980s that has received little exploration over the last 15 years. The other attraction to dealing with Auzex is the strength of the team with a proven track record of discovery and development of gold projects."

As part of the deal, Auzex directors Chris Baker and John Lawton will join the Explaurum board.

Lawton was previously CEO of Australia-listed Auzex Resources, which eventually became Bullabulling Gold after merging with GGG Resources several years ago.

Looking ahead, Explaurum said there was significant exploration upside at Tampia.

The project hosts previous drilling intercepts including 17m at 27.5gpt from 8m; 11m at 28.1gpt from 21m; and 25m at 11gpt from surface. Mineralisation remains open at depth and in all directions. Explaurum’s acquisition will mark the latest chapter for the project, which has moved through a number of entities over the past 30 years. Its history stems back to 1987 when BHP Minerals discovered gold at Tampia Hill.

Since then Tampia has passed through a number of companies, with previous exploration hampered by land access issues. The acquisition still hinges on final due diligence and shareholder approvals. Explaurum shares were up 50% to 0.3c this morning.



Prospectivity modelling for Asanko Gold

TSX and NYSE listed Asanko Gold Inc (Asanko) is using the results of prospectivity modelling and targeting work we were commissioned to undertake over Asanko’s tenement portfolio in Ghana to drive its 2015 exploration programme. Working with Corporate Geoscience Group (CGSG) of Australia, Kenex conducted Weights of Evidence and Fuzzy Inference System modelling and targeting over the Asankrangwa Gold Belt, Kumasi Basin and the broader region. The modelling was part of a detailed geological framework, prospectivity and targeting study being managed by CGSG.


The study has provided a better understanding of the controls on the location of gold deposit formation and the expression of these controls in exploration data and a significant number of new exploration targets have been generated. The Asanko press release can be found here.


 Asanko Gold Mine Concession map


Please contact us if you would like to discuss mineral prospectivity modelling, targeting and 3D geological mapping.


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