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Encom Discover

Encom DiscoverDiscover is the desktop GIS designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualise, analyse and map spatial geoscience data.


Since its release in 1994, Discover with MapInfo Professional has become the GIS of choice for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.


  • Build geological datasets
  • Produce high-quality scaled geological maps
  • Compile drillhole cross-sections and plans
  • Create, manipulate and analyse gridded surfaces
  • Analyse and visualise geochemical data
  • Rectify and manipulate raster images
  • Create graphs with maintained spatial links
  • Connect to other geological systems, databases and file formats
  • Enhance your GIS productivity via an extensive range of advanced tools and utilities
  • Optionally display your GIS data in 3D (Discover 3D)
  • Integrate with a field GIS (Discover Mobile)

Encom Discover 3D

Discover 3D for MapInfo Professional is the first fully integrated 3D GIS solution for the resource sector.


Built on top of the functionality and power of the award-winning Encom Discover, Discover 3D turns a 2D environment into a full 3D GIS system. By switching from the traditional 2D GIS mode to full 3D you can view and interact in real time with a range of GIS datasets.  



  • Fully integrated with Encom Discover and MapInfo Professional  
  • GIS Users can interrogate a range of data in the 3D space and bypass slower 2D methods  
  • Maps, sections and level plans can be viewed in 3D along with annotated drillhole traces and 3D objects such as underground development, block models etc  
  • Integration with Encom Discover Mobile technologies

Encom Discover Mobile

Encom Discover MobileThe companion to Encom Discover for MapInfo Professional now makes it easier than ever before to capture GIS data in the field. You can take your digital maps and images wherever you go.  


Discover Mobile is GPS enabled and can be used for in-field data capture, sample logging, mapping and navigation.



  • Simple transfer of data between devices
  • Simple GPS connection and support
  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface using toolbars and menus
  • Basic file maintenance with files fully compatible with MapInfo Professional
  • Geoset saving for restoring sessions
  • Interactive location tools
  • Distance measurement tools
  • Comprehensive navigation tools for control of the screen display

Profile Analyst

With Profile Analyst, you can see and compare all your line data, profiles, grids, modelling, images, drilllholes, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment.


A full range of analytical functions, effective presentation tools and powerful template capabilities help you to complete your expert analysis more quickly, comprehensively and effectively.




With Profile Analyst you can:

  • Connect geophysical data, modelling, satellite imagery, geochemistry and geological mapping in a single interactive interpretation environment.
  • Coordinate and streamline repetitive tasks and procedures  
  • Configure powerful templates for greater control  
  • Combine sophisticated line analysis techniques with map and image analysis  
  • Create maps, or cut and paste results into other applications
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