Exploration Project Management


Prospectivity Modelling: Statistical probability modelling of regions to find the most prospective ground for exploration and tenement acquisition is a great first step for any exploration company.
Tenements: We can help you acquire the tenements over the most prospective ground or areas that require further exploration and then monitor the tenement activity of your competitors and help you prepare your government reports.  
Land Access Management: A critical part of exploration management is getting access to the land you want to explore, sample or drill. Kenex and our partners can help you negotiate the access arrangement, undertake ecological surveys, and work with local councils and other stakeholders.  
Historical Data: Data compilations of historical geochemistry, geology, exploration activity, cadastral and land ownership, topographic and geophysical data is essential for effective exploration.  
Field Mapping & Sampling:  Collection of new geochemical samples, as well as field mapping and geophysics.  
Refocusing Priorities: With all the newly acquired field data and exploration work, re-analysis is a critical step that allows you focus your exploration priorities. Re-running your prospectivity modelling is an excellent tool for this evaluation.  
Drilling Program Management: Organising of drilling, running of the drilling programs and sampling systems, and interpretation of the results can all be organised by Kenex.  
3D Geological Modelling: Using geoscience 3D modelling software Kenex can help you visualise and model your geological and exploration data.  
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