Data Management and Acquisition

Kenex provides innovative ways to use spatial data, GIS and predictive modelling to create business opportunities and improved management for our clients. Using knowledge accumulated by research, industry and clients, models can be created to effectively capture and selectively disseminate important and valuable insights and information.


Kenex will harvest all available and appropriate data, assess its validity, reconstruct that data into various custom compilations, add our expert industry knowledge, and process data compilations into highly useable formats, primarily a GIS. Storing data in a format that is ready for your GIS allows it to be mapped, shared easily between different user groups, and provides the potential for integration or modelling of data that is difficult to associate through other means.


Kenex is able to provide:

  • Spatial data acquisition: data discovery, evaluation and validation, deconstruction and reconstruction.
  • Data-mining of geochemical and geological information from historical exploration and research reports.
  • Exploration database management that ensures the data you're collecting during the course of your exploration is organised and accessible.
  • Custom data compilations of all data that Kenex is able to harvest over your area of interest.
  • Data conversion from one format (or lack of format in some cases) to another. Kenex can compile data for a range of viewers for varying technical levels and recommend the best software for managing your data.

Datasets that Kenex commonly collect for clients in a digital form include:

  • Exploration reports
  • Geological maps
  • Geophysical data
  • Topographic data (e.g. contours, rivers, digital elevation models (DEM), and lakes)
  • Cultural data (e.g. roads, soil types, and land use)
  • Cadastral parcels and land ownership details
  • Geochemical results from soil, rock chip, stream sediment or drill hole sampling
  • Historical mining and exploration data (who was working where, when and what they found).


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