Our Projects:

Solomon Islands

Kenex completed work in 2005 for Solomon Gold Plc. in the Solomon Islands.  We helped Solomon Gold to develop a digital GIS of historic exploration data for the islands, and from this developed a prospectivity model for Cu-Au porphyry mineralisation on the island of Guadalcanal.  The aim of the model was to provide an efficient way of targeting exploration on the island, which is otherwise difficult due to rugged terrain and land access issues.


Geological, geochemical and geophysical data was used to determine the prospectivity of the Guadalcanal area for porphyry-style mineralisation using the weights of evidence spatial modelling technique. The model confirmed the potential prospectivity of the region and identified twenty two high priority prospect areas worthy of immediate follow-up work.  The modelling done by Kenex was highly successful and helped Solomon Gold raise funds on AIM in the UK for further exploration. Since the company was floated in February 2006, Solomon Gold has extended its exploration work and including intersected high grade gold mineralisation at its Sutakiki Gold Prospect, an area that was highlighted as prospective by the modelling.

Guadalcanal geological map with historic mines as red stars.


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