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Southern New England Orogen Mineral Potential Project

The Southern New England Orogen (SNEO) Mineral Potential Project has been developed as a pilot study by the Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW) in collaboration with Kenex, with the purpose of identifying mineral potential for intrusion-related Sn-W, intrusion-related Au and orogenic Au-Sb mineral systems in the region. The project utilises GSNSW staff’s knowledge and expertise combined with the expertise of Kenex in predictive modelling, and promotes the GSNSW high-quality pre-competitive datasets.


The datasets used in the study are all held and managed by GSNSW and include data that was prepared with mineral potential studies in mind such as seamless basement geology, detailed attribution of faults and igneous fertility. The quality of the datasets enabled an extensive number of variables be tested for relevance to each mineral system.


The mineral potential maps were developed using the weights of evidence approach. The outputs of the models are mineral potential maps that describe the geological potential of the SNEO for each mineralisation style. The mineral potential maps will be used for land planning and advice purposes, technical resources for improved mineral system studies including global endowment estimations, and for promoting exploration in the SNEO through the generation of prospective targets.


The predictive modelling approach and the resulting mineral potential maps have been well received by the Survey. These techniques have successfully mapped the mineral potential of the SNEO, producing a comprehensive Mineral Systems Atlas for the region. The Atlas contains all the GIS files generated for each model including: training points, study area, predictive maps, weights tables, mineral potential models, and a detailed spatial data table.


The Atlas and Project Report are available to the public through the Geological Survey of NSW website. Kenex are currently working with GSNSW to apply the same methodology in other mineralised regions of NSW.


SNEO Geology map

Southern New England Orogen mapped granites

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