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Mt.Isa, Queensland

Kenex Ltd has developed a prospectivity model for Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) mineralisation in the Eastern Succession of the Mt Isa Inlier. This model uses weights of evidence techniques to assess geological, geochemical and geophysical spatially related data against the most up to date IOCG mineral system model, with the aim of identifying and prioritising areas likely to contain significant gold or copper mineralisation.


A set of targets have been created from highly prospective areas highlighted by the model.


Kenex targets over Geophysics.


For companies looking to focus their exploration budgets in the areas most likely to lead to exploration success, these targets are of high priority and many are suitable for follow up exploration at the drill targeting stage. The targets cover already known prospects as well as identify potential new areas for exploration. After developing the exploration targets, Kenex has gone one step further; analysing each target in relation to the model parameters and the past and present exploration history in the Eastern Succession.


The target review provides a comprehensive assessment of the IOCG mineral potential of the Mt Isa region and will provide a competitive advantage for companies who already hold ground in the area or who are looking to acquire new ground.


field area in Queensland.


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