Northern Territory, Australia

Kenex assisted a major tenement holder in the Tennant Creek area to compile disparate historic data into a useable form.


This data was then used to create a prospectivity model for Copper Gold deposits, for which the region is renowned. Information including geophysics, geology, structure and geochemistry were analysed in the context of the most up to date understanding of the mineralisation system.


This produced a model and allowed the extraction of a series of ranked targets. Recommendations were made for additional work required on current holdings and prioritising potential land acquisition.


Historical winding gear in Tennant Creek Drill Core from Tennant Creek


The Northern Territory is also mostly positioned within the Central Australian Heat Flow Province, a belt of anomalously high surface heat flow. It is believed to contain several regions capable of generating hot rock style geothermal energy. Read more about our Northern Territory geothermal energy modelling


For more information about the Tennant Creek model or other projects in this region, please contact Greg or Michelle here at Kenex.


Our other projects in Australia:


Tennant Creek Geology Map


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