Kenex has undertaken prospectivity modelling for various companies, including Auzex Resources and D'Aguilar Gold, allowing them to better target their exploration, and have been providing on-going field assistance, database management, and follow up 3D and prospectivity modelling.


We currently have projects throughout the country which include new predictive modelling, 3D modelling, permit management & monitoring, field support, data compilations, as well as exploration program management and advice. Click on the links below to find out more about the activities we're involved with throughout Australia:

  • Queensland:
    • Mt. Isa IOCG model: prospectivity modelling for IOGC mineralisation in the Eastern Succession. Detailed targets generation for the prospective areas in the Mt Isa region.
  • New South Wales
    • Lachlan Fold Belt: mineral prospectivity models for porphyry, skarn, orogenic and VMS mineralisation styles within the Lachlan Fold Belt.
  • Northern Territory:
    • Tennant Creek project: Copper Gold prospectivity modelling and target generation from the most prospective areas.
  • Tasmania:
    • Nickel skarn model: mineral prospectivity model for granite-related nickel skarn system in Tasmania
  • Western Australia:
    • Bullabulling gold project: data searching, compilations and verifications, Micromine modelling and mapping, administrative and general technical assistance.


Auzex field camp


For more information about our projects in Australia, contact Michelle, Greg or Cam here at Kenex


Read about our environmental projects in Australia


Learn more about our predictive modelling





Katie, Matt and Andrew at the Geology of Gold 2008 course in Melbourne


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