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Kenex, from Ken, Scottish, derived from the German 'Kennen' (to know), and Ex for exploration, reflecting the directors' earth science, research and business backgrounds.


We are a Wellington and Perth-based company which was set up in 2002 to provide GIS and exploration services and advice for the exploration and mining industries in Australia and New Zealand. Over the last 10 years, we have broadened our international experience through involvement with projects and clients in the Middle East, Africa, Scandinavia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. We are a group of highly motivated research professionals who have more than 75 years of combined experience and knowledge in exploration and mining, locally (New Zealand/Australia) and abroad, including the Solomon Islands, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Asia and Latin America. We also have growing expertise in the marine minerals sector.


Kenex Christmas Party 2014. Top row, from left: Elisa, Charlene, Fraser, Connie and Cam

Bottom row, from left: Simon, Matt, Nat, Michelle, Andrew, Katie, Alex, Greg and Liz


Kenex uses spatial data, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and predictive modelling to create business opportunities and improved management for our clients. Our area of expertise is positioned at the high end of the 'data = knowledge transfer' value chain. This is where we make the connection between data, information, processes, and the ideas of people, to deliver innovative knowledge-based business solutions. We use predictive modelling techniques to ascertain the highest quality sites for mineral exploration, as well as other land-based resource development such as wind farm prospecting, orchard farming and vineyard development. We provide high 'value-added' products, backed up by consulting, support and management services.


Kenex develops new modelling products and business cases based on various market forces - some of our new projects include:

  • 3D mineral potential modelling
  • Wind farm prospecting in Argentina
  • Targeting VMS and Chromite mineralisation in Oman
  • Development of epithermal Au-Ag and porphyry Cu-Au models in Papua New Guinea
  • Targeting IOCG mineralisation in Mt Isa, Queensland
  • Epithermal Au-Ag in New Zealand
  • Orogenic gold in Western Australia. 

Kenex has now established important partnerships with American and Australian based organisations to compliment our skills. We have formed a relationship with James Cook University through the pmdCRC, which gives us access to new tools and techniques that are relevant to the exploration industry. We also have access to specialist skills in geophysical and structural interpretation through Dr Greg Partington’s position as a research associate at the University. We have formed a partnership with Pitney Bowes, who is a major consultancy and developer of the Encom Discover software in Australia. Kenex is a reseller of Encom Discover in New Zealand, and through this relationship have access to significant data management tools and geophysical consultancy services. We have also formed an important relationship with the developers of prospectivity modelling techniques for the minerals industry in Canada and the US. We have gained access to new modelling tools and techniques through the sponsorship of the research work of Dr Garry Raines and Dr Graham Bonham-Carter. 

Greg Partington has averaged publishing a research paper a year in peer-reviewed geoscience journals since gaining his PhD in 1984. Your can read some of Greg's papers in our publications section.


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in these projects, or if you have other ideas for a modelling project that could help your business.


If you're interested in working for Kenex check out our advertised job positions.





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